I was raised in the Alabama school system, and I’ve had the good fortune to
graduate from high school in Birmingham and received my college degree
from Alabama A&M and my Master's degree from the University of
Alabama. I later attended Birmingham School of Law where I obtained a
Juris Doctorate. As the mother of two children currently enrolled in 1st and
8th grades, I’m witnessing the decline of our school systems. This is a
nightmare – a quality education is the most important part of preparing our
young people for the careers of the future. I want my children-- and yours--
to have a fighting chance in an ever-changing economy.

I will:

  • Establish the programs necessary to ensure that our children have the resources they need.
  • Support dual enrollment in high school and college to provide

          students who would like to obtain a college education the opportunity
          to get a head start on coursework while lowering the overall cost of

  • Advocate for investment in vocational education programs. Not all students will attend a traditional four-year institution and all students who do not should be provided with an opportunity to develop skills and cultivate their knowledge and interest in a lucrative profession early in life. I will fight to create programs and internships that students can do in high school so that by the time they graduate, they will already have experience in their chosen vocational fields.
  • Fight to give students a strong, free education in our State; not only in

           high school but also in higher education.

  • Manufacturing is a growing industry in Alabama. We are quickly

          becoming a car manufacturing capital. By providing better
          educational opportunities, we can attract new industries to Alabama.

Health Care:
Many Alabamians are just one accident or one unfortunate health diagnosis
away from financial ruin. That’s not good for Alabama and that’s not good
for our citizens. Every man and woman with a job should be able to afford
healthcare for their families. This is a top priority for me.

I will:

  • Push for laws that ensure Alabamians have affordable medications

          and healthcare with the physician of their choice.

  • Work to make sure that no child or elderly person is left without

          reasonable healthcare.

  • Ensure that the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will

          remain funded.

  • Work with communities throughout the state to ensure that

         elderly members of the community have acceptable resources.

The Prison System:
As a Juvenile Probation Officer, I know all too well that our Prison System
in Alabama needs a complete overhaul. Sadly, even the federal government
has determined that we have one of the worst prison systems in the
While I firmly believe that people should be punished for the crimes they
have committed, that punishment should not include living in inhumane
conditions or being denied access to necessary medical care. Prisons in
are over capacity. Often, inmates are forced to live in conditions
that are unacceptable. The pipes in which the inmates obtain their drinking
water are dated and rusted. Correctional Officers are forced to work
extensive shifts without an adequate amount of rest. In recent years there
has been an increase in violence among prisoners. This is a fundamental
violation of human rights.

I will:

  • Implement re-entry programs for prisoners.
  • Attempt to reduce the recidivism rate while attempting to diminish

          the current prison population.

  • Hire more Correctional Officers and train them well.